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was established spontaneously, somewhere in the beginning of 2005. HAMs (radio amateurs) from Prague and surroundings were together on one of their regular first-in-the-month Monday session in the beautiful historic pub “Na Výtoni”. They agreed that a lady with a call sign “OK1KI” needs some help with the radio, aerial and at all with the technical part of radio operation. And also with the computer usage and all about it. Mainly because they cannot let the only one YL among them grope in things, where she is not in. Based on the call sign, we call her Kikina.

Until now, the club has around 75 members (to become a member, just sign in and promise some help and participation). We want to exhibit some interesting activities, and because we love to contest, we decided to arrange some. All we want from it, is to make some fun in this serious world.

The first contest was held on 17th May 2005 on the occasion of Kikina’s fifties. And it was named after her, it was a „KIKI contest“. The acceptance was fairly good, so we arranged next contest on 6th December (St.Michael’s day). The next contest was held on 17th May 2006, by the “International day of telecommunications”, in August 2006 it was “Memorial OK1SZ”. Second year of St.Michael’s day contest was then.

Next contestes: 16.8. MEMORIÁL OK1AIR

Secretary OK1ARO B.Pardubický
Diploma design OK1KI M.Šebestová
Diploma manager OK1VOR V. Pokorný
Webmaster OK1SRD J.Šroll